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Fried Mollusks

Fried Mollusks
Enjoy making this Fried Mollusks course for your family and friends.
Ingredients: 1 kg mollusks,
2 eggs,
2-3 lemons,
grated bread crumbs,
olive oil,
salt to taste.

  A popular Italian Fried Mollusks recipe.
  Wash mollusks thoroughly. Put them in a frying pan and roast until seashells open. Wash mollusks again.
  Fill a bowl with ½ l water, add lemon juice and put the mollusks there for 30 min.
  Then dry the mollusks out, flour them, dip in whipped egg mixture and cover with bread crumbs. Fry the mollusks in olive oil until brown.
  Garnish the cooked meal with lemon wedges.

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