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Brezaola with Olives

Brezaola with Olives
Brezaola with Olives belongs to the Italian cuisine. This snack is very appetizing and has a pleasant flavour.
Ingredients: 100 g dried beef ham (brezaola),
100 g goat cheese,
50 g olives without seeds,
thin spring onion,
ground black pepper.

  We offer you a Brezaola with Olives recipe which is a clasic Italian course. So let's start.
  First of all chop olives, mix them with cheese in a soup plate. Add pepper and salt to your taste.
  Slice brezaola finely and put the cheese mix in the centre of every piece in order to make rolls. Decorate brezaola tying onions around the rolls ends.
  Before serving cool the rolls in a fridge.

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