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Roasted Stuffed Red Mullet

Roasted Stuffed Red Mullet
Roasted Stuffed Red Mullet is an exotic Italian course. It is perfect for those who like culinary experiments.
Ingredients: 4 cleaned and scaled red mullets,
1 handful chopped sun dried tomatoes,
1 handful finely chopped olives,
1 handful cedar nuts,
fresh marjoram or basil leaves,
olive oil,
1/2 ciabatta,
sea salt, ground black pepper to your taste.

  We offer you a Roasted Stuffed Red Mullet recipe which is a classic Italian course. Let's cook it together.
  At first heat oven to 200 degrees. Remove the crust from ciabatta and chop the crumb finely. Put the bread in a bowl with dried tomatoes, cedar nuts, marjoram and olives. Add olive oil and stir it all.
  Add pepper and salt to the fish, and then put it on a baking sheet greased with olive oil. Stuff the fish with the bread mix and put the rest of it around the fish. Roast it for 20 min.
  Serve the fish with a green salad and the rest of crumbs.

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