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Turbot with Fennel

Turbot with Fennel
Turbot with Fennel is an appetizing and very tasty Italian course which is simple to cook. This is one of the best recipes for cooking a whole fish.
Ingredients: 1 cleaned turbot fish (2-3 kg),
1 tbsp fennel seeds,
1 handful fennel leaves,
1-3 finely sliced lemons,
olive oil,
1 tbsp rock salt.

  We present you a Turbot with Fennel recipe which is a traditonal Italian course. So let's start.
  At first heat oven to the temperature of 200 degrees. Wash the fish thoroughly and dry it with a paper towel.
  Pestle fennel seeds with rock salt. Rub the fish with this mix. Put fennel leaves on the baking sheet bottom and put turbot on the top. Garnish it with lemon slices and sprinkle it with olive oil.
  Roast it for 40 min. At that time a milky juice appears, cook a light sauce with it. Just add olive oil and lemon juice.  
  Serve the fish right in the baking sheet.

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