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Fried Pigeon

Fried Pigeon
Fried Pigeon is an exquisite festive Italian course which is worth tasting.
Ingredients: 4 pigeons,
2 lard sausages,
4 slices bacon,
1 onion,
2 garlic cloves,
1 cup white wine,
200 g black olives,
olive oil,
salt, pepper.

  We suggest you a Fried Pigeon recipe which is a classic Italian course.
  At first pluck pigeons, draw them, remove legs, necks and wings ends. Wash and dry them.
  Stuff every pigeon with a half of lard sausage, wrap them in bacon slices and bind them. Put them in a big frying pan. Add chopped onion, 8 tsp oil, sage leaves and garlic cloves in it.
  Then fry the pigeons for some minutes from all sides. Pour wine, pepper, salt and go on cooking them on a low flame. Pour broth there and cook it all for 20 min more. In some min before the pigeons ges ready untie them, remove bacon, add olives and liver there. Cook them for 5 min.
  Serve the course on fried bread slices.

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