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French Salad

French Salad
French Salad is an original and simple French course. This is the right course if you want to treat you family and friends to the refined French cuisine.
Ingredients: 2 boiled champignons,
2 boiled celery roots,
1 boiled carrot,
1 cucumber,
2 onions,
100 g canned green peas,
1 tsp lemon juice,
1 tsp tomato juice,
1 cup mayonnaise,
salt, ground black pepper to your taste.

  This is a quite quick and easy French salad recipe. French Salad with vegetables is perfect for those people who look after their figure and health.
  Slice champignons and cucumber, cut celery roots and onions in thin stripes and ring carrot.
  Mix tomato juice with mayonnaise and lemon juice.
  Mix all the vegetables, add salt and pepper, and dress it all with the sauce.
Before serving garnish the course with greens.

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