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Traditional Provencal Salad

Traditional Provencal Salad
Traditional Provencal Salad is a simple recipe which is good for those who only learn to cook French courses.
Ingredients: 4 bunches leaf lettuce,
3 garlic cloves,
1 slice stale lond loaf,
4 tbsp olive oil,
2 sprigs purslane,
1 bunch chervel,
2 tbsp wine vinegar,
1/2 tsp hot mustard,
12 olive,
salt, white pepper to your taste.

  Traditional Provencal Salad recipe is a traditional French recipe which brings a piece of France in your home.
  Wash lettuce leaves, dry and chop them, put them in a salad bowl. Rub a stale bread slice with garlic, dice it finely and fry it in oil. Wash chervel and purslane, dry and chop them finely.
  Mix vinegar and mustard, add a little oil, greens, pepper and salt in it.
  Pour the sauce on the salad and garnish the course with olives and bread pieces.

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