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Barba Island Salad

Barba Island Salad
Barba Island Salad is a refined course which meets the demands of all the gourmets. Cook our salad and everyone will appreciate it.
Ingredients: 200 g tinned crabs,
4 boiled potatoes,
2 sweet green and red peppers,
60 g ham,
50 g boiled champignons,
1 tbsp lemon juice,
8 olives without stones,
parsley greens,
salt, ground black pepper to your taste.

  Barba Island Salad recipe is an original French course which will pleasantly surprise your family and friends.
  Dice ham and crab meat. Peel potatoes and mushrooms, slice them finely. Peel sweet peppers, cut them in thin stripes and boil them for 2 min in salted water. Pass them through a colander and cool them.
  Mix the ready ingredients. Dress it all with the mix of oil, pepper and salt. Stir it all.
  Garnish the course with greens and olives right before serving.

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