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Green and White Salad

Green and White Salad
Green and White Salad is a light French course for real gourmets. Treat yourself and your friends to this delicacies.
Ingredients: 500 g broccoli,
1/2 tsp black pepper,
50 g almonds,
200 g fresh champignons,
1 tsp coriander seeds,
3 tbsp herbal vinegar,
1 garlic clove,
1 tsp ground pepper (red, white or black),
5 tbsp olive oil,
1 pinch sugar,
salt to your taste.

  Green and White Salad recipe is a spicy salad with mushrooms, broccoli and spices. It will be really enjoyed by the French cuisine admirers.
  At first peel broccoli, chop it and boil it for 8 min with pepper in salted water. Pass it through a colander and wash it in cold water.  
  Fry almonds in a frying pan without oil until golden brown, then cool them.
  Wash mushrooms, dry them and put them on a dish with broccoli. Spinkle it all with almonds.
  Now let's cook the sauce. Pestle coriander and garlic. Stir pepper, oil, sugar, vinegar and salt, and add garlic with coriander there.
  Pour the salad with the sauce and put it in a cold place for 30 min.

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