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Valerie Salad

Valerie Salad
Valerie Salad is a light French salad cooked from fresh vegetables which has an incredible taste. Enjoy the refined taste of the French cuisine at your home.
Ingredients: 30 g fresh cucumbers,
30 g tomatoes,
15 g radish,
15 g leaf lettuce,
20 g sweet pepper,
10 g onion,
10 g olives,
20 g soft caviar,
2 g sugar,
20 g olive oil,
1/2 lemon juice,
1 boiled egg yolk,
salt, ground black pepper to your taste.

  Valerie Salad recipe is for experienced cooks. The combination of fresh vegetables, olives and caviar won't leave the gourmets indifferent.
  Wash cucumbers, slice them, add salt and put them for an hour in a fridge. Wash tomatoes and chop them, cut sweet pepper and onion in stripes, ring radish and chop lettuce leaves largely.
  Mix lemon juice, oil, black pepper, sugar and salt, add grated egg yolk and whip the mix.
  Dress the vegetables with the sauce, stir it all and put it in a salad bowl.
  Garnish the course with caviar, olives without stones and salad leaves.

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