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Jacques Salad

Jacques Salad
Ingredients: 250 g frozen mussels,
200 g shelled frozen shrimps,
125 g meat broth,
125 g white dry wine,
1 bay leaf,
1 sprig fresh thyme,
150 g frozen green peas,
1 sweet red pepper,
4 rings lemon,
2 tbsp mayonnaise,
3 tbsp thick sour cream,
1 tbsp lemon juice,
1 tbsp orange juice,
green salad leaves,
1 tsp whisky,

  Jacques Salad recipe is one of the tastiest salads of the classic French cuisine. Although the recipe contains many ingredients it is good for unexperienced cooks too.
  At first defrost shrimps and mussels, wash and dry them. Boil meat broth with bay leaf, thyme and wine. Boil mussels for 8 min in broth. Then add shrimps and simmer it all for 2 min more.
  Put green peas in boiling water for 8 min.
  Dry green peas and the seafood, and cool them. Cut pepper in stripes and mix it with mussels, shrimps and peas.
  To cook the sauce whip mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon and orange juice and whisky. Add salt to the sauce to your taste.
  Put washed and dried salad leaves in a salad bowl. Put the salad in it, pour the sauce on it and garnish the course with lemon.

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