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Bocquer Salad

Bocquer Salad
Bocquer Salad is a unique combination of celery, marinated mushrooms and ham. The recipe is simple and the products are quite affordable.
Ingredients: 100 g ham,
50 g marinated mushrooms,
2 boiled potatoes,
1 boiled beet,
1 apple,
150 g celery root,
50 g celery leaves,
3-4 tbsp mayonnaise,
2 tbsp vegetable oil,
1 tsp vinegar,
1 tsp mustard,

  Bocquer Salad recipe is a result of the great experience of the French cooks. Treat yourself and your family to the unforgettable taste of the French cuisine.
  Wash peeled celery root and leaves, chop them finely and add oil mixed with vinegar and mustard. Put it all aside for 1 hour.
  Then cut ham, peeled apple and mushrooms in stripes, add salt to your taste. Dress the mix with mayonnaise and stir it all.
  Add prepared celery to the salad and stir it all. Garnish the course with chopped potatoes, beet and greens.

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