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Aida Salad

Aida Salad
Aida Salad is a very light and delicious course. This classic recipe of the French cuisine is perfect for beginners.
Ingredients: 200 g savoy cabbage,
200 g tomatoes,
200 g sweet pepper,
3 boiled eggs,
40 g vinegar,
40 g olive oil,
30 g mustard,
salt to your taste.

  Aida Salad recipe is very easy. You can find all the necessary ingredients in the next supermarket.
  Chop savoy cabbage finely. Scald tomatoes, peel them, extract seeds and chop tomatoes.
  Bake pepper, peel it, extract seeds and cut the pepper in stripes.
  Grate egg whites largely and mix them with vegetables.
  Mix olive oil, mustard and vinegar, add salt to your taste and dress the salad.

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