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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls have an awesome taste thank to the special sauce added to them. You also have an opportunity to learn how to cook this course.
Ingredients: 800 g fresh cabbage head,
100 g bulb onions,
150 g vegetable oil,
600 g veal,
100 g rice,
50 g stale white bread,
3 eggs,
20 g flour,
100 g lemon,
salt, black pepper to your taste.

  Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe is a course cooking which you can use your imagination. Because you may make changes in this classic Greek recipe.
  Peel fresh cabbage and boil it in salted water until soft. Then cool it, separate leaves from stems.
  Brown onions in vegetable oil, add finely chopped boiled veal, washed rice, white bread, soaked in water and wrung out, salt, black pepper, grated nutmeg and egg.
  Stir the stuffing thoroughly, put it on the prepared cabbage leaves and wrap them in long envelopes.
  Add oil in the saucepan, put the rolls in it, cover them with hot water and boil them. Brown flour in oil and dissolve it in water from the cabbage.
  Take the sauice off fire, cool it and add eggs and lemon juice in it stirring it. Then put the sauce back on fire and stir it constantly to make it thick.
  Put the cooked rolls on a plate and pour the sauce on them.

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