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Meat and Vegetables in Pots

Meat and Vegetables in Pots
Cook Meat and Vegetables in Pots and treat yourself and your family to the wonderful taste and the health of the natural products. As the course is stewed in pots it is cooked very quickly.
Ingredients: 600 g beef,
3-4 bulb onions,
3 carrots,
3-4 celery roots,
2 middle sized eggplants,
6 potatoes,
120 g pork fat,
2 tbsp butter,
3 tbsp breadcrumbs,
1/4 tsp ground black pepper,
salt to your taste.

  Meat and Vegetables in Pots recipe is a perfect main course for a family dinner. The recipe is so simple that even beginners can easily cook it.
  Peel potatoes, boil and mash them. Pass meat and vegetables (except eggplants) through a mincing machine, add pepper and salt. Scald eggplants and peel them.
  Oil a ceramic pot, put mashed potatoes on the bottom, then put the vegetable-meat mix, then - diced eggplants and pork fat. Sprinkle it all with breadcrumbs and put butter pieces on the top.
  Put the pots in oven and stew the course at the medium heat.

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