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Sea Cream Soup

Sea Cream Soup
Sea Cream Soup is a tasty course which contains shrimps, processed cheese and many other delicious ingredients in just one soup. Besides it is quick to cook.
Ingredients: 200 g big shrimps,
1 pack dried dill,
1 kg potatoes,
5 packs processed cheese,
100 g butter,
2 tbsp seafood spice,
1 onion,
fresh dill,

  Sea Cream Soup recipe is a tasty course which is quick to cook. So cook it with us.
  Boil shrimps with onion, dried dill and spice for 5 min. Take out the shrimps. Strain the broth, add potatoes and salt, and boil it all for 30 min. Add largely grated processed cheese and butter. Boil it all for 20 min more.
  Blend it all intil smooth.
  Ladle out the soup in plates, add shrimps and dill.

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