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Sweet Pepper Soup

Sweet Pepper Soup
Sweet Pepper Soup is a savory and original course, a mix of different tasty ingreidents. The course is perfect for those who look after their health.
Ingredients: 500 g minced beef,
1 onion,
100 g celery roots,
1 sweet pepper,
3 garlic cloves,
1 tbsp tomato paste,
500 g tomatoes,
50 g hard cheese,
4 tbsp vegetable oil,
0,5 tsp caraway seeds,
salt, pepper to your taste.

  Sweet Pepper Soup recipe is an original Russian recipe. Cook and enjoy it.
  Peel onion, garlic and celery roots. Ring onion, chop garlic and celery finely. Wash sweet pepper and extract its kernel. Cut sweet pepper in stripes. Chop tomatoes. Fry onion, garlic and celery for 5 min.
  Add the pepper and cook it for 4 min. Put tomato paste and tomatoes. Stir it all and simmer it for 20 min with the lid on.
  Meanwhile fry the meat and add spices to your taste. Pour 2 l hot water in the saucepan with vegetables, add fried meat there.
  Simmer it all for 10 min. Before serving sprinkle the course with grated cheese and chopped greens.

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