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Ahlua (Abkhazian Halva)

Ahlua (Abkhazian Halva)
Cook our Ahlua (Abkhazian Halva) and sweeten your life. If you add sour cheese to it you'll get a wonderful course for lunch.
Ingredients: 2,5 cups wheat flour,
200 g butter,
100 g sugar or honey,
1,5 cup water,
300 g sour cheesг.

  Ahlua (Abkhazian Halva) recipe is the special Abkhazian recipe for the popular dessert.
  In a saucepan melt butter stirring it, pour flour in it. Fry it on a low fire until friable. Cover sugar or honey with cold water and bring it all to boil.
  Pour warm syrup in the fried flour stirring it. After it gets viscous and smooth cook it all for 3-5 min. Put the cooked halva on a plate and make it even.
  You may also add sour cheese cut in thin stripes to the Abkhazian Halva.

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