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Аkuаkuаr (Honey Cookies)

Аkuаkuаr (Honey Cookies)
Our flavoured Аkuаkuаr (Honey Cookies) dessert won't leave you indifferent even if you are keeping to a diet.
Ingredients: 500 g wheat flour,
2 eggs,
250 g honey,
0,5 cup water,
150 g melted butter,
salt to your taste.

  Аkuаkuаr (Honey Cookies) recipe is so easy that even beginners can cook it. So let's start.
  Pour honey and water in a deep bowl, add 3 egg yolks, whiped egg whites and salt. Stir it all. Then sift flour and knead the dough.
  Then put the dough on a board, roll it out in a thin layer. Cut it in pieces and make small balls. Meanwhile boil melted butter. Put the balls in it and fry them.
  Serve the course with sour milk.

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