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Chicken Papaya Salad

Chicken Papaya Salad
Chicken Papaya Salad is a very tasty Chinese course which will easily decorate your festive table.
Ingredients: 4 pieces chicken fillet,
1 peeled and chopped red chili pepper,
30 ml red wine vinegar,
75 ml olive oil,
1 peeled papaya,
1 peeled avocado,
125 g bean sprouts,
125 g lucerne sprouts,
salt and pepper.

  We present you a Chicken Papaya Salad which is a refined festive Chinese course.
  At first boil chicken fillet for 15 min.
  For the dressing mix olive oil, wine vinegar and chili. Add pepper and salt.
  Then cut the chicken arrisways in pieces. Cut avocado and papaya in pieces too. Put the chicken and fruit pieces on plates.
  Pour the dressing on the course, sprinkle it with sprouts and garnish it with cucumber and red pepper pieces.

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