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Hot Crispy Noodles

Hot Crispy Noodles
Hot Crispy Noodles is a classic Chinese appetizer, you will definitely enjoy it.
Ingredients: 250 g rice noodles,
vegetable oil,
2 finely chopped garlic cloves,
8 leaves finely chopped green onions,
1 peeled and chopped chili pepper,
2 tbsp fish sauce,
2 tbsp soya sauce,
2 tbsp lime juice,
2 tbsp sugar.

As a garnish:
chopped green onion,
cut in stripes cucumber,
fresh chili.

  Here is a Hot Crispy Noodles recipe which is a traditional Chinese course. So let's start.
  At first break noodles in pieces. Then fry them in potions in a frying pan with oil until golden brown. After that dry them.
  When the noodles are ready add chili, garlic and green onion to them and fry it all for 2 min.
  Mix lime juice, sugar, soya and fish sauces. Add it all in the frying pan and cook it for 2 min. Put noodles back in the frying pan, stir it all.
  Serve the course garnished with chopped cucumber, chili and green onion.

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