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Fried Shrimps

Fried Shrimps
Fried Shrimps is a festive Chinese course which will bring changes in your festive menu.
Ingredients: 400 g shrimps,
2 egg whites,
2 tbsp melted suet,
1 tbsp cognac,
1 tbsp starch,
sodium glutamate,

  We suggest you a Fried Shrimps recipe which is an exquisite Chinese course.
  At first shell shrimps, wash and dry them, add salt and let them stay for 15 min.
  Then whip egg whites with starch. Put the shrimps in this mass and stir it all.
  Then heat melted suet and fry the shrimps in it stirring them. Remove the excess of suet from them.
  Heat suet in the friyng pan once more, put the shrimps, pour cognac and water in it, and add sodium glutamate. Fry it all for 2 min stirring it.

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