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Lobster Open Pies

Lobster Open Pies
Lobster Open Pies is a wonderful Chinese course which will decorate your festive table with its attractive look.
Ingredients: 200 g wheat flour,
100 g butter,
3 eggs,
250 g canned lobsters meat,
1 head cabbage lettuce,
150 g mayonnaise,
2 tomatoes,
1 cucumber,
8 olives,
4 anchovies,
1 tbsp capers,

  Here is a Lobster Open Pies recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  At first mix butter with flour, add salt and eggs to them. Knead dough and put it in a fridge. Roll out the dough, put it in oiled baking pans and bake it at 200 °С.
  Chop lobsters meat and lettuce, stir them and dress them with mayonnaise.
  Put this mass in the dough forms, garnish them with chopped tomatoes, eggs and cucumbers rings, olives, capers and canned anchovies fillet.

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