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Spicy Calamari

Spicy Calamari
Spicy Calamari is a festive Chinese course which has an awesome taste and flavour.
Ingredients: 450 g calamari,
3 tbsp vegetable oil,
1 garlic clove,
8 green onion leaves,
1 sweet red pepper,
1 green chili pepper,
6 shiitake mushrooms,
1 tsp 5 spices mix,
2 tbsp soya sauce,
2 tbsp bean sauce,
1 tsp sugar,
1 tbsp sherry.

  We introduce you a Spicy Calamari recipe which is a refined Chinese course. So let's start.
  Clean calamari and dry them. Then cut them lengthwise in halves, make cuts in a net form and then cut them in stripes.
  Grate ginger and chop garlic. Cut onions slantwise in stripes and cut sweet pepper in stripes. Ring chili pepper and chop mushrooms.
  Heat oil in water and fry the calamari in it quickly stirring them.
  Add garlic, ginger, mushrooms, onions and peppers to the juice and fry it all for 2 min stirring it.
  Then add calamari, the sauces, 5 spices mix, sherry and sugar, and stew it all for 1 min.
  Before serving put the spicy calamari on a dish.

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