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Chinese Steamed Salmon

Chinese Steamed Salmon
Chinese Steamed Salmon is an incredibly tasty and appetizing Chinese course which is very easy to cook.
Ingredients: 4 salmon fillet pieces,
400 g soya shoots,
2 tbsp sesame seeds,
1 lime juice,
1 tbsp soya sauce,
sunflower oil,
salt and ground black pepper to your taste.

  Here is a Chinese Steamed Salmon recipe which is a traditional Chinese course.
  At first sort out soya shoots and wash them, keeping the seeds.
  Then put the shoots and fish pieces in a steam cooker and pour oil, lime juice and soya sauce on them.
  Cook it all for 15 min, then add pepper and salt.
  Put the soya shoots and salmon fillet on a warm dish, pour the sauce on them and sprinkle them with sesame seeds.

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