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Calamari Stuffed with Crabs

Calamari Stuffed with Crabs
Calamari Stuffed with Crabs is a festive Chinese course which will surprise your family with its unusual taste.
Ingredients: 2 calamari,
1 pack crabmeat sticks,
40 g mayonnaise,
3 g gelatin,

  We introduce you a Calamari Stuffed with Crabs recipe which is a refined Chinese course.
  Wash calamari, clean and boil them in salted water for 5 min. Cool them in the broth.
  Cover gelatin with cold water, let it swell, strain off the excess of water and mix it with 60 g calamari broth. Bring it all to boil, strain calamari and cool them.
  Then whip cooled jelly with mayonnaise.
  Stuff calamari with crabmeat sticks and pour jelly with mayonnaise on them. Put them in a form and cool them until thick.
  Before serving slice calamari and garnish the course with lemon and greens.

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