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Exotic Fruit Salad

Exotic Fruit Salad
Exotic Fruit Salad is an exquisite Chinese dessert, your children will surely enjoy it.
Ingredients: 250 g boiled rice,
1 pineapple,
4 tbsp pineapple juice,
1 kiwi,
1/2 mango,
2 apricots,
80 g plums.

  We suggest you an Exotic Fruit Salad recipe which is a classic Chinese course. So let's start.
  At first cut pineapple lengthwise in halves. Extract the pulp and dice it.
  Peel mango. Extract stones from plums and apricots. Slice kiwi and plums, dice apricots and mango.
  Mix rice with pineapple juice and fruit. Stuff the pineapple halves with this salad.
  Before serving sprinkle the course with sunflower seeds.

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