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Tangerine Jelly

Tangerine Jelly
Tangerine Jelly is a refined Chinese course which has a very pleasant taste.
Ingredients: 6 tangerines,
1 tbsp orange liquour,
4 tbsp sugar,
2 tsp gelatin.

  Here is a Tangerine Jelly recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  Soak gelatin for 40 min in 2 cups cold water, put it on a water bath and dilute it stirring. After that cool it.
  Mash tangerines until smooth, juice them, strain and mix them with the liquour.
  Dissolve sugar in 1 cup water and simmer it for 10 min stirring it.
  Add syrup and gelatin in the tangerine juice, bring it all to boil and cool it.
  Ladle out the mass in oiled pans and cool it until gelation.
  Before serving dip the pans for some seconds in hot water and put the jelly on a dish.

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