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Fried Watermelon

Fried Watermelon
Fried Watermelon is a very unusual Chinese dessert which will surprise your family and children.
Ingredients: 600 g watermelon,
2 egg whites,
4 tbsp potato starch,
4 tbsp wheat flour,
1 cup vegetable oil,
2 tbsp castor sugar.

  Here is a Fried Watermelon recipe which is a traditional Chinese delicacies.
  Wash watermelon and chop it, separating the rinds from pulp and extracting the seeds. Cut the pulp in triangles and roll them in flour.
  Then mix egg whites with starch diluted with water. Dip watermelon pieces in the mix and fry it all in heated oil.
  Before serving put the watermelon pieces on a dish and sprinkle the course with castor sugar.

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