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Lime Mango Mousse

Lime Mango Mousse
Lime Mango Mousse is an exquisite Chinese course which is simple and quick to cook.
Ingredients: 250 g fromage frais,
1 lemon rind,
1 tbsp sugar,
1 tbsp fat cream,
1 mango,
1 lime juice.

As a garnish:
4 ground cherries,
lime rind.

  Here is a Lime Mango Mousse recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  At first mix sugar with fromage frais. Whip cream and add it to fromage frais.
  Put a cling film in 4 ceramic pans and divide our mix in them. Put a piece of cloth on the top and compact the mousse pressing it.
  In order to cook the sauce peel mango, extract the stone and chop it. Put it in a kitchen machine together with sugar and lime juice. Make a smooth puree of it all.
  Turn out the mousse pans in plates and pour the sauce on them. Garnish the course with ground cherries and mango pieces. Pour the sauce around the mousse.

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