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Chinese Chicken Soup

Chinese Chicken Soup
Chinese Chicken Soup is a delicious and healthy Chinese course which is perfect for a family dinner.
Ingredients: 225 g boiled chicken meat,
1 tsp sunflower oil,
10 g green onions,
1 chopped chili pepper,
1 garlic clove,
1 l chicken broth,
150 g egg noodles,
1 carrot,
125 g beans,
2 tbsp soya sauce,
1 tbsp fish sauce.

  We offer you a Chinese Chicken Soup recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  Cut meat in thin pieces.
  Heat oil and fry finely chopped chili pepper and green onions for 1 min. Add chopped ginger and garlic to it. Fry it all for 1 min. Add chicken broth there and bring it all to boil.
  Then break noodles and add them with cut in stripes carrot to the broth. Stir it all and simmer it for 4 min.
  Add beans, chicken meat pieces and fish and soya sauce there.
  Heat it all for 3 min. Ladle out the soup in plates and garnish the course with coriander.

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