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Chinese Vegetable Soup

Chinese Vegetable Soup
Chinese Vegetable Soup is an exquisite Chinese course which has an awesome taste and flavour.
Ingredients: 500 ml chicken broth,
100 g champignons,
1 stem leek,
1 onion,
1 red sweet pepper,
5 tbsp vegetable oil,
soya sauce,
salt to your taste.

  We suggest you a Chinese Vegetable Soup recipe which is a classic Chinese course. So let's start.
  At first boil noodles. Peel champignons, wash and cut them in stripes.
  Chop leek, onion and pepper, and stew them for 5 min with mushrooms in vegetable oil.
  Then pour chicken broth there and add noodles, ginger and soya sauce in it. The soup is ready.

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