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Beef Soup with Asparagus

Beef Soup with Asparagus
Beef Soup with Asparagus is a very flavoured and delicious Chinese course.
Ingredients: 4 cups Chinese chicken broth,
2 tbsp rice wine,
2 tbsp starch,
130 g steak,
100 g largely chopped canned asparagus,
2 whipped egg whites,
sea salt and ground white pepper to your taste.

  We introduce you a Beef Soup with Asparagus recipe which is a classic Chinese course. Let's cook it together.
  At first boil rice wine and chicken broth with salt in a saucepan. Reduce the flame and put cornflour in it stirring it.  
  Then bring it all to boil once more stirring it and boil it until thick.
  Add salt, rice wine and pepper to the steak. Put the steak and asparagus in the broth and cook it all for 10 min.
  Bring the soup to boil and pour egg whites there.  
  Serve the course warm.

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