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Fish Ball Soup

Fish Ball Soup
Fish Ball Soup is an incredibly tasty and filling Chinese course which is perfect for a family dinner.
Ingredients: 150 g white fish fillet,
100 g minced pork,
1 egg white,
2,5 tbsp rice wine,
50 g boiled ham,
1 leek,
100 g spinach,
1,25 l broth,

  We offer you a Fish Ball Soup recipe which is a traditional Chinese course.
  Mince fish and mix it with egg white, salt, minced pork and 1 tbsp rice wine. Chop ham and leek finely and mix them with the mass.
  Then make fishballs from this mass.
  Wash spinach leaves. Bring the broth to boil and put spinach leaves, fishballs and 1,5 tbsp rice wine in it. Simmer it all for 10 min with the lid on.  
  Add salt and serve the course hot.

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