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Chinese Thick Rice Soup

Chinese Thick Rice Soup
Chinese Thick Rice Soup is a very delicious and appetizing Chinese course which won't leave you indifferent.
Ingredients: 1 l vegetable broth,
200 g rice,
2 carrots,
1/2 celery root,
1 kohlrabi,
3 green onions,
1 parsley root,
1 ginger,
2 tbsp soya sauce,
4 tbsp sherry,
1 pinch chili,
coriander leaves,
salt and gound black pepper to your taste.

  We present you a Chinese Thick Rice Soup recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  Bring broh to boil and boil rice for 20 min in it. Peel celery, carrot and kohlrabi, and cut them in thin stripes. Ring spring onions.
  Peel parsley root and chop it finely. Put it all in the broth and boil it for 3 min.
  Then peel ginger and grate it finely. Dress the soup with ground black pepper, salt, ginger, sherry, soya sauce and chili powder. Garnish the soup with coriander leaves.

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