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Chinese Chicken

Chinese Chicken
Chinese Chicken is a refined Chinese course which has an awesome taste.
Ingredients: 500 g chicken fillet,
1 sweet pepper,
1 tomato,
4 garlic cloves,
1 tbsp soya sauce,
1 tsp wine balsamic vinegar,
1 tsp honey,
1,5 tsp starch,
olive oil,
salt to your taste.

  Here is a Chinese Chicken recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  Cut chicken fillet in pieces. Scald tomato, peel and dice it.
  Extract seeds from sweet pepper and cut it in stripes. Then press garlic. Peel ginger and chop it finely.
  Heat olive oil, pour soya sauce in it and stir them. Add garlic, honey, vinegar and ginger there. Stir it all.
  Then add tomato and sweet pepper there. Fry it all for 2 min stirring it. Put chicken there and fry it all until ready stirring it.
  Sprinkle the chicken with starch, stir it all and pour water there. Cook the course for 3 min more.

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