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Chinese Pork

Chinese Pork
Chinese Pork is a very interesting and tasty Chinese course which is worth cooking.
Ingredients: 350 g pork sirloin,
2 sweet peppers,
100 g pickled pineapples,
2 tbsp lemon juice,
2 tbsp sugar,
2 tbsp ketchup,
1 tbsp soya sauce,
1 egg yolk,
1 ginger,
2 tbsp starch,
sunflower oil,
salt to your taste.

  Here is a Chinese Pork recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  Dice peppers and pineapples. Chop pork and put it in a saucepan. Add starch, egg yolk and soya sauce to the meat. Pour water and add salt there. Stir it all and let it marinate for 30 min.
  Then roll marinated meat in starch. Fry it in oil in a frying pan. Put the pork on a paper towel.
  Cut ginger in stripes and fry it in hot frying pan in oil. Put chopped peppers in it and brown it all for 5 min.
  Then put diced pineapples there and brown it all stirring it. Add ketchup, lemon juie and sugar. Stir it all.
  Then dilute 1 tbsp starch in water and pour this water in the frying pan. Put the meat in the sauce and stir it all.
  Put the pork in a plate and serve the course.

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