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Classic Chinese Dumplings

Classic Chinese Dumplings
Classic Chinese Dumplings is a very tasty Chinese course which is easy to cook. it is really worth tasting.
Ingredients: 200 g dumpling dough,
500 g pork fillet,
400 g white cabbage,
50 g green onions,
1 tsp soya sauce,
1 tbsp sesame oil,
1/2 tsp sodium glutamate,
salt to your taste.

  Here is a Classic Chinese Dumplings recipe which is a traditional Chinese course.
  In order to cook the stuffing chop cabbage, pork and green onions finely. Stir it all and add sodium glutamate, salt, 2 tbsp water and sesame oil there.
  Then roll the dough in a strip and cut it in pieces, and then roll every piece. Put the stuffing on them and fasten them.
  Boil them in salted water until ready.
  Serve the dumlings with soya sauce or vinegar.

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