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Roasted Meat Chajj Sujj

Roasted Meat  Chajj Sujj
Roasted Meat Chajj Sujj is an original Chinese course which won't leave you indifferent.
Ingredients: 500 g pork fillet,
2 tbsp soya sauce,
1/4 tsp sodium glutamate,
2 tbsp wine,
3 tbsp sugar,
peanut oil,
50 g tomatoes,
salt to your taste.

  We introduce you a Roasted Meat  Chajj Sujj recipe which is a classic Chinese course.
  At first mix all the ingredients except for vegetables and pork. Pour this mix on the meat and put it aside for an hour.
  Heat oven to 200 degrees С.
  Put the meat on a grating over the baking sheet. Roast the meat for 20 min.
  Before serving garnish the course with fresh tomatoes and greens.

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