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Calamari with Onions Fritters

Calamari with Onions Fritters
Calamari with Onions Fritters is a very appetizing Chinese course which will gladden your family with its pleasant taste.
Ingredients: 500 g calamari fillet,
4 bulbs onion,
150 g wheat flour,
1 cup water,
2 egg yolks,
1 cup thick cream,
100 g grated hard cheese,
2 cups vegetable oil,

  We introduce you a Calamari with Onions Fritters recipe which is a classsic Chinese course.
  At first ring onions and calamari fillet, and sprinkle them with flour.
  In order to cook the batter mix the rest of oil with water and egg yolks. Add salt and stir it all.
  Then dip onions and calamari in the batter and fry them in oil until golden. Put them on paper towels and dry them.
  For the sauce heat cream, add cheese, pepper and salt to it.
  Before serving put the calamari with onions on a dish and serve the sauce separately.

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