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Curds Snack

Curds Snack
Curds Snack is an interesting Chinese course which will gladden your guests with its unusual taste.
Ingredients: 75 g raw shelled shrimps,
200 g soft soy curds,
50 g lard,
50 ml wine,
4 g salt,
0,5 g sodium glutamate,
10 ml sesame oil,
300 ml broth,
30 ml starch.

  We suggest you a Curds Snack recipe which is a traditional Chinese course.
  At first wash shrimps. In a bowl mix shrimps meat, wine, salt and sodium glutamate. Dice curds finely and blanch them for 2-3 min.
  Put a frying pan on a high fire. Melt lard in it. Add salt, broth, sodium glutamate, shrimps, soy curds and wine to it. Bring it all to boil, reduce the fire and stew it for 2 min. Pour sesame oil and starch solution there. Stir it all.
  Put the shrimps on a dish and serve the course.

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