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Chinese Stewed Vegetables

Chinese Stewed Vegetables
Chinese Stewed Vegetables is a very appetizing and nutricious Chinese course. Your family will enjoy it.
Ingredients: 20 g dried mushrooms,
100 g champignons,
100 g bamboo shoots,
100 g peas,
300 g tofu,
200 g Chinese cabbage,
3-4 tbsp veegtable oil,
2 tbsp light soya sauce,
1 tsp sesame oil,
salt and sugar to your taste.

  Here is a Chinese Stewed Vegetables recipe which is a traditional Chinese course.
  At first soak dried mushroms in cold water, wash them and remove the stems. Slice champignons. Remove the ends from the pea pods. Cut cabbage in stripes and dice tofu. Put the tofu for 2 min in boiling water.
  Then heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the tofu pieces in it until golden brown. Put them on a plate and then - in a warm place.
  Fry the vegetables for 2 min, add salt, soya sauce, sugar and tofu there. Fry it all for 1 min stirring it.
  Stew it all for 3 min with the lid on, sprinkle it with sesame oil. Serve the course at once.

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