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Velvet Eggs

Velvet Eggs
Velvet Eggs is a very tasty and flavoured Chinese course which will decorate your table.
Ingredients: 5 eggs,
50 g fried pork,
50 g bamboo shoots,
12 g dried soaked Chinese mushrooms,
50 g leek,
5 g sodium glutamate,
starch diluted with water,
100 g lard,
salt and ground pepper to your tatse.

  We suggest you a Velvet Eggs recipe which is a traditional Chinese course.
  Slice fried meat, mushroooms and bamboo shoots. Wash ginger and leek and cut them in stripes. Whip eggs, add salt, pepper and sodium glutamate.
  Heat oil in a frying pan. Put fried meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ginger and leek there, and fry it all.
  Then put the contents of the frying pan in a bowl with whipped eggs and stir it all.
  Heat lard in a frying pan and pour the mass in it. Fry it all on a medium flame until golden.
  Pour the starch solution and broth in it for thickening. Sprinkle it all with sesame oil. Garnish the course with coriander leaves and serve it.

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