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Fried Lobster with Vegetables

Fried Lobster with Vegetables
Fried Lobster with Vegetables is an exquisite Chinese course which will decorate your festive table.
Ingredients: 2 pieces meat from lobster tails,
1 can pickled button mushrooms,
1/2 cup canned bamboo shoots,
1/2 cup celery,
2 tbsp vegetable oil,
1/3 tsp sugar,
1 tsp soya sauce,
1 cup chicken broth,
1 tbsp corn starch,

  We suggest you a Fried Lobster with Vegetables recipe which is a refined Chinese course.
  Chop lobsters meat. Take mushrooms out of the can and dry them. Slice bamboo shoots and celery.
  Pour vegetable oil and add salt in a preheated frying pan.
  Add lobsters meat in it. Fry it for 2 min stirring it quickly. Add sugar, vegetables, a cup chicken broth and 1 tbsp soya sauce. Stir it all and cook it for 7 min on a high fire with the lid on.
  Take the lid off. Add 1 tbsp corn starch with water and stir it all until the sauce gets thick.
  Serve the course with hot rice.

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