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Battered Marrow Sticks

Battered Marrow Sticks
Battered Marrow Sticks is a very tasty and simple Chinese course.
Ingredients: 200 g marrows,
2 tsp flour,
1 egg,
10 g melted lard,
2 garlic cloves,
salt to your taste.

  Here is a Battered Marrow Sticks recipe which is a traditional Chinese course. So let's start.
  At first let's cook the batter. In order to do it mix eggs, flour and salt with water. Wash marrows, peel and cut them in stripes. Dip the sticks in the batter.
  Melt lard in a frying pan and put marrow sticks in it in a layer.
  When both sides of the marrows get fried serve them.
  You may also sprinkle the course with pressed garlic on the top.

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