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Cannoli Shells

Cannoli Shells
Cannoli Shells is the perfect dessert you will enjoy with a cup of coffee after a good dinner. This recipe is well known in all the Italian families and now you have the opportunity to cook Cannoli Shells yourself.
Ingredients: For pastry:
150 g flour,
20 g butter,
50 g dessert pink wine,
20 g sugar,
200 g vegetable oil.

For the filling:
500 g cottage cheese,
100 g sugar,
100 g dark chocolate,
50 g candied fruit.

  This delicious Italian recipe will be perfect at family gatherings. Cannoli Shells will always bring joy to your family.
   Pour flour into a bowl. Press flour with you fist to make a deepening in the middle, put butter and sugar inside.
   Knead pastry, add a little wine. Knead pastry until it won’t be sticky anymore. Form a ball, wrap it in a cloth and leave pastry for some time, meanwhile lets cook filling.
   Put cottage cheese in a deep bowl, add sugar and beat it well with a mixer. If cottage cheese is dry, you may add up some sour cream. Then mix it with chopped chocolate and fruits.
   Roll the dough into a thin layer. Cut into medium size squares. Take form for cannoli and wrap it with the square piece of pastry, paying attention to the edges so it won’t open when you deep fry it in the oil.
Pour oil in a saucepan, bring it to boiling and then completely immerse one by one prepared forms right into the oil.
   As soon as the dough browns up, remove it from the boiling oil, put on a plate and take the shells from the pastry.  Then stuff cooked shells with the filling.
   Put in refrigerator for two hours.

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