International food


Ailazan is fairly salted and peppered meal, the main ingredients of which are summer vegetables.
Ingredients:   100g aubergines,
  100g potatoes,
  25g onions,
  25g oil,
  25g sweet pepper,
  40g runner beans,
  50g tomatoes,
  red and black pepper,
  greens to taste.

  The recipe of Ailazan is best for those who likes vegetables. Also it is very easy to cook.
  Cut the aubergines into slices, add some salt and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  Then put the vegetables in layers: aubergines, diced potatoes, sweet pepper, onion, runner beans, tomatoes, greens. Add some salt, red and black pepper to taste. Then pour over some water.
  Cover the vegetables with the turned-over plate and then with the lid. Cook until ready.

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