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Chicken Goulash with Dumplings

Chicken Goulash with Dumplings
Chicken Goulash with Dumplings is a traditional English course. It is perfect for people who like to have a filling and nourishing meal. Besides it is not as difficult to cook as it seems.
Ingredients: 1 tbsp sunflower oil,
4 pieces chicken,
100 g chopped bacon,
4 sprigs finely chopped celery,
2 finely chopped leeks,
225 g chopped carrots,
2 tbsp flour,
600 ml chicken broth,
1 bay leaf,
80 g pancake flour,
40 g beef or vegetable fat,
1 tbsp chopped chive.

  We present you a Chicken Goulash with Dumplings recipe. This course is delicious and nourishing. So let's start.
  Heat oven to the temperature of 170 degrees. Heat oil in a nonstick saucepan and fry chicken from all sides. Then take it out and put away. Pour half of fat out of the saucepan. Add bacon, celery, leeks and carrots, and simmer it until soft.
  Then add 2 tbsp flour and simmer it for a min. Remove saucepan from heat and slowly add chicken broth.
  Then add bay leaf and fry chicken. Put saucepan back on heat and when broth boils, bake it for 1 hour with a lid on until chicken gets tender.
  Meanwhile lat's make dumplings. Mix pancake flour, fat and chive, and spice it. Add 3 tbsp water to make dough soft. Then make 12 balls out of it.
  Put balls on the top of goulash 25 min before it gets ready. Cover it with a lid and bake it until the balls raise and get ready.

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