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English Broth

English Broth
English Broth is a classic English course, which is not difficult to cook and it warms you when it is cold.
Ingredients: ham shank,
barley/lentil mixture - 60 g,
2 leeks,
1 turnip,
2 carrots,
3 potatoes.

  Here we present you an English Broth recipe, which is a refined course and easy to cook.
  Place the ham shank in a saucepan, cover it with water and bring it to boil. Simmer it for an hour. Remove the ham shank and score the fat with a knife.
  Roast it in the oven on a medium heat. Skim any impurities from the water the ham shank was simmered in and introduce the chopped vegetables and Barley/lentil mix.
  Bring it to boil and simmer it. When the ham shank is roasted remove from the oven and leave to cool. When cool remove the fat from the meat, reintroduce it to the saucepan and continue to simmer it for another hour, topping up with water if necessary.

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