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Salad with Rice and Celery

Salad with Rice and Celery
Salad wit Rice and Celery is an English course which is rich in vitamines and easy to cook. This salad on your table will always please your family.
Ingredients: 400 g long-grain rice,
2 sour apples,
2 stalks сurled celery,
250 ml nonfat cream,
juice of 1 lemon,
salt, pepper, grated white pepper to your taste.

  We present you a traditional English Salad with Rice and Celery recipe. The course is simple. So let's begin.
  Boil washed rice in 800 ml salted water for 3 min. Then simmer it covered with a lid for 30 min. Сhill it and put it on a plate. Remove seeds from apples, finely slice apple pulp. Chop celery leaves and stalks.
  Mix cream with 1 tsp salt, pepper and 2 tbsp lemon juice. Cover rice with this dressing. Mix it with apple slices and celery. Let it stay for 30 min.
  Before serving dress it with little lemon juice, add salt and pepper. Sprinkle it with celery.

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